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And So The New Season Starts

November 8, 2015

  At the end of my last blog entry I spoke about the up and coming World Championships. These were held in Winterberg Germany. It is suffice to say that I did not do as well as I had hoped and finished 22nd, however this still left me as 2nd ranked in the GB squad. My season could be summed up as one of a great many good points but with still work to be done. The summer ahead needed to be productive. I entered a stage of heavy training, not just in the gym and on the track but …

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Schedule     2015/2016

   Date                             Venue                                   Event                                     Result

 27-29 Nov 2015        Altenberg Germany           World Cup Race 1                      21st
 4-6 Dec 2015            Winterberg Germany        World Cup Race 2                        21st
 11-13 Dec 2015        Konigssee Germany         World Cup Race 3                        17th
 7   Jan 2016              Igls Austria                          ICC Race 5                                     6th
 8   Jan 2016             Igls Austria                          ICC Race 6                                      6th
 14  Jan 2016           Konigssee Germany            ICC Race 7                                     12th
 15 Jan 2016            Konigssee Germany           ICC Race 8                                       8th
 27 Jan 2016           St.Moritz Switzerland           Europa Cup                                    1ST
 18-20 Feb 2016      Igls Austria                   World Championships

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