DAVID SWIFT – Team GB Skeleton Slider

Ice training and selection races

28th October 2013

It is now a month since I last made an entry in this blog and a lot has happened, possibly not totally in the way I would have liked but certainly leaving me optimistic of what I can achieve over the next few months.
As we are the only major nation in this sport who do not have a track the start of every season is spent in Norway at the site of the 1994 Olympic Games of Lillehammer. In the past few weeks the talent squad and ourselves have been training together at this track which is 200 miles north of Oslo. This is very valuable training and is the first time we have been able to gauge how all our training has paid off. After two weeks we left the talent squad there for their own selection races whilst we travelled to Altenberg in Germany for our own selection races.
After several months of training hard as a squad it now comes down to what each individual can do. The selection races were over 4 runs. The outcome would be that the first 3 sliders would be on the World Cup circuit until Christmas with the 4th slider competing on the second tier Intercontinental Cup circuit. The results were very close, again down to hundredths of seconds. On the first day after two runs I was 4th. However over the second two runs on the second day I finished 2nd but my times were not good enough to make up the time I was down from the first day. This meant I was 4th and means I will now be competing on the Intercontinental Cup circuit until Christmas. There will be a squad review before Christmas at which I will have the chance to move up to the World Cup squad if my results are good enough.

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