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Skeleton is a Winter Olympic sport and is the fastest growing and most successful winter sport in the UK. The sport involves the athlete racing down an ice tracks after an initial 30 metre sprint the athlete adopts a face down, headfirst minimal drag riding position on the sled. Speeds reached are in excess of 80 mph and the athlete experiences G Forces of +5.  There are numerous different tracks across Europe, Northern America and Japan, they can have as many as 19 corners and be up to 1.5 miles in length. Each track is very individual and poses a different physiological and psychological challenge. The aim is simply the fastest descent of the track with competitors from all over the world racing to within 1/100th of a second.

The sport is governed Internationally by the ‘Federation Internationale de Bobsleigh et de Tobogganing’ (FIBT) which organises the annual World cup series, World Championships, European Championships, Intercontinental Cup, Americas Cup and Europa Cup circuits, as well as the Winter Olympic Games every 4 years.

Skeleton brought home the only medal of the past two Winter Olympic Games with Shelley Rudman winning Silver in 2006 and Amy Williams winning Gold in 2010. It is the most successful winter sport in the UK and is recognised as such by UK Sport and the National Lottery who fund the Skeleton association. The World Cup circuits and World Championships are televised live across Europe and North America.

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