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And So The New Season Starts


At the end of my last blog entry I spoke about the up and coming World Championships. These were held in Winterberg Germany. It is suffice to say that I did not do as well as I had hoped and finished 22nd, however this still left me as 2nd ranked in the GB squad. My season could be summed up as one of a great many good points but with still work to be done. The summer ahead needed to be productive.

I entered a stage of heavy training, not just in the gym and on the track but some other initiatives that our coaches dreamt up. This training culminated with us going to Canada in early October for training on the ice. We spent a week in Calgary and then two more weeks in Whistler. I came away from Whistler very happy. Not only had I come out top in the selection races but I had managed to make friends with the Whistler track. Whistler is one of the fastest tracks in the world, we regularly hit speeds in excess of 85mph but also a very difficult track to slide. In the past it has been a bit of a nemesis for me. But by the end of two weeks I like to think I have now tamed it.

During this very busy summer I have also been developing my business. I am not only a sport scientist but also a personal trainer. Due to my sliding taking me away from home a great deal I cannot do personal training face to face so I have now set up an on line service, this can be found at www.swiftpt.co.uk

So that brings me up to date. I am currently at home for seven days before departing for Europe for the next four weeks, initially there will be some more training then at the end of the month the series of 8 World Cup races start – oh yes I have forgotten to say I am now on the GB World Cup Squad – wish me luck.


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