DAVID SWIFT – Team GB Skeleton Slider

Goodbye Igls Hello Altenberg

8th December 2013

The two races at Igls went reasonably well, I would have liked to have done better but I could have done worse. There are a lot of sliders who are new to the Intercontinental Cup and many of them German and Russian. The Russians now have their own track (Sochi) and it seems they have found some fresh sliders, they will be pushing to get the full quota of three sliders at The Olympics. The Germans have also obviously been doing a lot of training on the three tracks they have and over the Christmas period we may see quite a lot of switching around of teams between the World Cup and the Intercontinental Cup. It is worth reminding my readers that we in Great Britain have no track to train on!
So we are now on our way to Altenberg in North East Germany where the next two races for me are next Friday and Saturday. The results of the GB team on the World Cup circuit are very interesting but I will say no more for another week.
It is worth noting how well the GB girls are doing both on the World Cup and on the Intercontinental Cup. Let us hope it continues onwards and upwards to The Olympics.

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