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Looking Ahead

So the end of the 2013/14 Season didn’t end quite as well I had hoped! I ended up the 3rd ranked British male but with only two athletes attending I missed out. The two guys selected, Kristan Bromley and Dominic Parsons had a great Olympics and did our men’s programme proud, and needless to say on the Women’s side, well it was our second Gold in Succession brought home by Lizzie Yarnold!

The races in the second half of my season taught me a lot, especially with the next 4 years looming ahead with South Korea 2018 the goal. This was the first year I had been through an Olympic selection as an actual contender; the pressures you put upon yourself are mightily different to those in any normal season and take a great bit of getting used to! Couple with this an eventful preseason where I developed my driving substantially. My Olympic season was the best I have had in a long time in terms of being a more complete sliding ‘package’. I gave this season my everything and I am comfortable in that knowledge, what it did throw up were problems I had never experienced before, mainly with my decision making whilst on the sled. It’s one thing to feel what the sled is doing differently underneath you; it’s quite the other to act on it correctly. With this in mind I know I had the capability to have won several of the races I undertook, which consequently would have meant potential Olympic selection, however in Sport these margins are fine, and always will be. What it does mean is I wasn’t quite ready yet, and in hindsight I would want to head into an Olympic race with the ability to win…not to just be another competitor, which essentially is what I would have been at this point. The positive to this? I know exactly what the next year and more importantly next 4 years need to teach me to be exactly where I want to be in 2018…on top of the podium!

Coming back to this year however, our season ended in February with some training sliding in Austria which was great, the fun aspect to sliding was much more apparent and gave us great time to continue our development. I then took a fair chunk of time out from the sport. I needed to wipe the slate clean so to speak, to make sure the next 4 years won’t burn me out and to give myself the motivation and perspective reboot that will drive me for the next 4 years. This week just gone was my first back in the gym, and currently the welcome back to training muscle soreness is back with a vengeance…the upshot however, the ball is now well and truly rolling towards 2018!

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