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Home for Christmas

December 18, 2012

Firstly apologies for this entry being ridiculously late! The opening competitive month has quite frankly been bonkers and I found time running away with me. Hopefully I can give you a brief overview and catch-up without making it too boring! From here on out I will do better…promise! So after an eventful pre season my World Cup début was to be made at Lake Placid, New York. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t pretty nervous but this first race would always very much be put down to being a learning curve, the experience of sliding with the …

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Goodbye North America

December 2, 2012

Having stayed an extra week to do more training and take part in two Intercontinental Cup races I am now on my way to Europe to meet up with the World Cup squad again. North America has had mixed blessings for me but more about that later. I have an eight hour wait at Vancouver Airport before my flight to Germany. Once there I will have little time to concern myself with jet lag, it will be straight back on the track for three days of training before the fourth World Cup race. I will report further as soon as …

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Preseason – Making the World Cup Squad

November 4, 2012

So after a long summer of training ‘that’ time of year rolled around again, the time of year that makes all the hard work worthwhile as we find out the benefits of the last 6 months of toil, the time of year that brings the adrenaline rush we all crave! Predictably we headed to our yearly preseason destination, Lillehammer, Norway. This track has the advantage of having ice early in the season and has become somewhat of our home track. It’s technical enough to provide challenges whilst also providing familiar surroundings on which to transfer all of our summer training …

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Sponsors on the Push-track, Mercedes World and continuous training!!

August 20, 2012

No-one ever said that training full time would be easy, however there are always things along the way that make for a bit of light relief or at least distraction from the hard work we put in day in day out and the last couple of weeks have seen several such welcome ‘distractions’! Firstly was the sponsors/friends/family pushtrack day held at our training facility in Bath. This was a fantastic opportunity put on by British Skeleton to showcase our sport to some of the people who have been instrumental in getting us to this point! We managed to fling our guests down …

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Back to the Grindstone

May 3, 2012

It’s been said that disappointment fuels endeavour, that the lessons we learn and the fire we consequently find inside is what spurs people on, at least it’s what spurs the real believers and future champions on anyway. I’ve experienced disappointment a couple of times in my career and will no doubt find it again someday whether it’s in my skeleton career or everyday life beyond that. Either way the fine fine margin of a few hundredths of a second taught me a lot last season, one of the things i’ve learnt and taken forward is my renewed hunger and vigour to be the …

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Krystal Hosting – Personal Sponsor

April 1, 2012

This season has seen a massive step forward in my sporting career and in my persuit of representing Great Britain at the Olympic Games in 2014 and hopefully 2018. After several years of learning, becoming acustomed with my new sled, learning new tracks and working on my pushstart another vital part of the jigsaw fell into place this October. The arrival of a personal sponsor, Krystal. Krystal are a UK Web Hosting company who have now been in operation for a decade. They provide reliable, honest & personal UK based web hosting, supported by a team of English speaking experts. Their hosting offers come …

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