DAVID SWIFT – Team GB Skeleton Slider



Born  – 15 December 1984

Place of birth – Eastbourne UK

I moved to Devon with my family when I was ten and attended Torquay Boys Grammar School.  After ‘A’ levels I moved on to University of Bath to study Sport and Exercise Science.

While at Torquay I took part in many sports but mainly concentrated on athletics and rugby.  Although athletics has always been my main sport due to my speed I found myself playing a great deal of rugby.  However when I arrived at Bath I concentrated on athletics.  Throughout my three years at Bath I trained to improve my athletic standard.  I was coached jointly by the university athletic coach and my father.

During my final few weeks at Bath I was approached by The British Bob Skeleton Association to undertake a trial for Skeleton.  After several weekends of trials I was selected to undertake training.

My first taste of being on the ice was in the winter of 2006 when we spent several weeks in Lillehammer Norway.  On my second run I finished up covered in blood and was led away to hospital!  It was a freak accident but even so it was a rude awakening to the sport. It did not put me off and I was back on the ice as soon as I could be!  The rest of that winter was spent at various venues in Europe mainly training. My first taste of competition was the following season and culminated in a World Junior Silver and a British Championships Gold.

In the last year I have been training almost full time, any spare time has been taken up training to be a Personal Trainer.  I recently graduated as a Personal Trainer from ‘The Training Room’

I have always been one to aim high and Olympic Gold is my ultimate ambition. A lot of hard work and dedication lies ahead but ultimately anything is possible!

Notable Performances

World Ranking Season 2011/12 – 22nd.
World Juniors Silver – 2008.
British Champion – 2008.
ICC Race Series 2011/2012 – 5th
ICC Race Series 2014/20015 – 1st
World Cup Igls 2015 – 7th
World Ranking Seaso 2014/2015 – 20th


David Swift

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