DAVID SWIFT – Team GB Skeleton Slider

The New Season is Underway

I’m really excited to finally get back onto the ice in Norway. It feels like a lifetime ago that last season ended!

Our programme has made some really big strides forward this summer and with some new coaches on board as well it’s a really exciting time for British Skeleton, and it’ll be great to start the learning process towards trying to qualify for the World Championships this season and fingers crossed the next Olympics in four years time. I have a fair amount of work on personally so the next four years will bring a whole host of challenges that I’m really looking forward to.

One of the things I have done over the past few months is to set up my own Online Personal Training business.  For just £30 the client gets one of 3 programmes to help them with their fitness and general health goals.  Please look at the site at swiftpt.co.uk

David Swift

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